This is Ukraine today – October 29: Arseniy Yatsenyuk believes that he will have a claim on premiership if his party forms a coalition

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October 29 – The leader of “Narodnyi Front” Arseniy Yatsenyuk believes that he will have a claim on premiership if his party forms a coalition.

October 29 – Militants from “Peoples Republic of Donetsk” and “People’s Republic of Luhansk” wear the uniform of Ukrainian National Guards and plan provocations (large number of victims to be expected). Russia is transferring its troops to Ukraine, -says NSDC spokesman Andriy Lysenko. According to him, an increased activity of terrorists and Russian troops on the eve of the so-called elections on November 2nd, is being recorded.

October 29 – Using multiple rocket launchers “Grad”, Russian terrorists fired at Ukrainian military positions near the village of Talakivka, a suburb of Mariupol.

October 29 – 20 cases of ceasefire violations have been recorded in the morning, – informed ATO Media Center spokesman Vladyslav Seleznyov.

October 29 – NATO fighter planes have urgently flew out in order to intercept Russian military aircraft squadron, which came close to Latvian border, – stated Latvian Ministry of Defense.

October 29 – Moscow and Minsk are expanding their program of military exercises in 2015 due to “new threats” to the Union State of Russia and Belarus, – said Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

October 29 – Tripartite gas talks between Russia, Ukraine and the European Commission have commenced in Brussels. On Wednesday evening, the European Commission has announced the cancellation of the press conference following the tripartite talks between Ukraine, Russia and the EU on gas supply to Ukraine. Negotiations continued “deep into the night.”

October 29 – National Front Leader, Arseniy Yatseniuk states that the government should be formed on the basis of the formation of the European Commission. “The formation of the government should be done in the same manner as is the European Commission. We do not share the quota principle and therefore I declare the principle of political responsibility of every political power which delegates its representatives to form the membership of the Cabinet Ministers,” he informed.

October 29 – Within the last 24-hour periood there were no casualties in the ATO zone; there is one wounded – Spokesman of Informational Center RNBO, Andriy Lysenko.

October 29 – UBS Bank Director on developing investments on the markets, Jorge Mariscal, notes Russian losses due to the conflict with Ukraine and contends that the worst for Russian companies is still ahead.

October 29 – “Capital flight is increasing, although it is unclear how strongly – estimations differ,” noted Mariscal. “Capital flight has been increasing in Russia. The estimates vary as to how much. They have lost a fair amount of reserves. They had a recent peak of $537 billion in March of 2013. And today Russia has $435 billion in reserves. They still have a fair amount, $435 billion is not peanuts, but the rate of depletion is quite alarming. In the last month, they lost $30 billion.”, he said. In his opinion, “capital flight” signifies an unfavorable business climate and indicates the further decline of the ruble as to the dollar, which will hit the importers.

October 29 – In Donetsk region, the Security Service of Ukraine stopped a sabotage -demolition group which planned in the next few days to make terrorist attacks in Mariupol by using arms and explosives. “Members of the sabptage-demolition group planned to cause explosions near the administrative buildings in Mariupol, at places where there are gatherings of people in order to destabilize the situation in the city,” stated SBU.

October 29 – There is a desire to increase to 50 kilometers the size of the small zone near the border through which residents can cross the EU border without visas. Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs began negotiations about enlarging the small area near the Polish border, residents of which do not need a visa, from 30 to 50 kilometers. If this is successful, then Lviv will also fall into his category, stated the Vice-Minister of Internal Affairs, Olena Zerkal.

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