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If you are an expert or a recent graduate or study politic/economic/human sciences, and would enjoy writing for an online journal then UaPosition welcomes your submissions. If you wish to contribute to UaPosition, send an e-mail on [email protected] with “Submission” in the header.

We are interested in publications devoted to Ukraine or Ukrainians in the world. We are primarily interested in publications that cover geopolitical issues, with a key role for Ukraine in this historical period (e.g. nuclear disarmament, international security system, etc.).

Any attached articles must be in Word and single-spaced with any hyperlinks either already included or below the main body of your work. While we will proofread your work prior to publication please take care to do so yourself. Documents must be saved in Word 97-2004 Document (.doc) or .txt format. Otherwise, processing and publication in time is not guaranteed.

The optimal amount of the article to hold the attention of the user is up to 3 pages, 14 font, but we also accept analytical articles written in accordance with academic rules.

We also can include a short or lengthy bio about yourself. This can include your academic background, previous scholarly work and with whom you are professionally affiliated, and also a link to your website or profile in social networks or Your personal website.If you note academic degrees or affiliation with the scientific community, please provide the relevant link that confirms it. Also are welcome links to credible sources in the text of your article.