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About Us

UaPosition is the media project that was founded to report news in Ukraine and about Ukraine, and also about Ukrainian in Ukraine and all over the world.

For this moment the following directions of the project are implemented:

News in Ukraine. The most important from current news.

Articles, analyst, original researches

Photo, video and multimedia – infographics, maps, etc.

– News about Ukraine in the world. It is divided into two categories:

Target audience is non-Ukrainians who are lack of information about Ukraine and Ukrainian in their native language. That is why the project is divided by language. That means, for example, in the English version of the UaPosition we separate only news in English from the world’s media, regardless of whether it is the native language of the country – the origin of the news (eg .. USA, UK, etc.) or not.

Currently there is only an English version of the project. Implementation of other languages ​​will be considered after completion of the technical part of the project and bringing it to the level intended by the founders.

Some observations on the dating of materials:

All dates and time is Ukrainian. We rejected the idea of ​​a native time in the publication of each media, as it confuses the reader, someone whose time may yet come. (For example you in Chicago at 15th of July are reading the Ukrainian news dated by the 16th of July. It’s very possible situation because there are 11 hours difference between Ukraine and PDT). At the same time, one “pass-through” time makes it possible to see the appearance of news about Ukraine in the world in chronological order. Therefore, all materials dated Ukrainian time, whereas in the description of each media will be given his own time and the difference in hours with Ukrainian time.

Dates format – Ukrainian standard – day, month, year.

Time – 24 hour format.

We also specify the day of the week in the news, as it may provide additional information, such as news at the weekend almost always come with more delay time, etc.

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