This is Ukraine today – October 28: ”Poroshenko’s Block” is ready to offer Prime Minister’s post to the leader of ”Narodnyi Front” Arseniy Yatsenyuk

Maidan Community Sector, Lviv: Dear friends!

October 28 – Administration of Russian President Vladimir Putin sees no reason not to recognize the “elections” announced by the terrorists of so called People’s Republics of Luhansk and Donetsk, – said Putin’s press-secretary Dmitry Peskov.

October 28 – According to preliminary data, 10 Ukrainian military were killed during the fighting at checkpoint # 32, – informed NSDC spokesman Andriy Lysenko.

October 28 – Russia has announced that on Tuesday the fourth convoy of “humanitarian aid” has arrived in Ukraine. Ukrainian authorities haven’t been informed about this in advance – on Tuesday NSDC spokesman Andriy Lysenko has said that Ukraine hasn’t received no official information about humanitarian aid from Russia.

October 28 – US Senator, Member of the Armed Services Committee James Inhofe is convinced that the US will provide Ukraine with weapons in the near future.

October 28 – In September 2014 the transit of Russian natural gas through Ukraine to Europe has decreased twofold compared to September 2013 – it is down to 3.909 billion cubic meters, as stated in the report of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine. Russia continues the gas war with the EU.

October 28 – In order to maintain a fixed exchange rate of hryvnia, Yanukovych’s regime has recklessly spent over 20 billion USD ofgold and exchange reserves, – said former Head of the National Bank of Ukraine Volodymyr Stelmakh.

October 28 – “Poroshenko’s Block” is ready to offer Prime Minister’s post to the leader of “Narodnyi Front” Arseniy Yatsenyuk in exchange for the post of Minister of Defense and Minister of Interior. Traditional Ukrainian bargaining has started.

October 28 – Morgan Stanley: the crisis in Ukraine will become too expensive for Russia. Russian economics and costs for assets turned out to be under double attack – the geopolitical knockout and the sudden fall of prices for petroleum. The crisis in Ukraine and the sanctions have limited access to finances and have become an additional element in slowing down Russian economy, notes S&P; if the conflilct will not be resolved, there may be additional sanctions. According to Bloomberg, a barrel of Brent petroleum at the beginning of the year fell down by 22.5%, and the ruble by 21.9%. The lowering of the price by 10% causes the loss of 32.3 billion dollars of revenue from the export of petroleum and gas – that is 1.6% Gross-National Product, as calculated by Morgan Stanley.

October 28 – According to data from Informational Opposition, the Russian forces are continuing to mass in the border zones of RF in Rostov region. “In particular, near the state border with Ukraine, there have been spotted divisions of the Second Taman Tank Division (military troop 23626, Moscow region) and a second separate brigade of special forces HRU (brigade command – military troop 64044, Pskov)… There is a rotation of the subdivisions of the 28th separate rifle brigade (brigade command – military troop 61423, Yekaterynburg). Documents are being taken away from the Russian soldiers who are in the border zone by their commanders. ”

October 28 – Over 400 individuals remain captives of the Russian terrorists, stated the Donbas Battalion Commander Semen Semenchenko.

October 28 – In Russia they want to try for “illegal crossing of the border” the Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko, who was kidnapped by Russian terrorists on Ukrainain territory and who has already been elected as a deputy of Ukrainian Parliament, This was stated by her lawyer Mark Feigin. Previously, the Russians concocted other grounds to try her.

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