This is Ukraine today – October 26: The Poroshenko Presidential Block received only 22%

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October 25 – In Ukraine, elections to Parliament were held.

October 26 – Based on previous data, the Poroshenko Presidential Block received close to 22%,

the “National Front” of Prime-Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk – close to 22%, Party “Samopomich” of Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyj received close to 11%, Oppositional Block (the fromer Party of Regions) – close to 10%,

Liashko Party – close to 8%, Party “Batkivshchyna” of Yulia Tymoshenko – 6%. For now, the nationalist Party “Svoboda” is below the 5% required admissable barrier. The Communist Party, Party “Hromadska Pozytsia” [Public Platform] and Party “Sylna Ukraina” [Strong Ukraine], have no chances.

October 26 – Primary results of Parliamentary elections in Ukraine:

First results, regardless of politically correct statements of political party leaders in the country:

In the end, the Ukrainian people in fact did not comprehend that there is a war in Ukraine and the elections should primarily take that into account. The goal of the elections should have been the consolidation of society in the face of the enemy. This did not happen.

President Petro Poroshenko did not receive the mandate of trust which he expected – accordiing to previous data, the Presidential Block was expected to receive 30-40% of the votes. Of course, the Ukrainian people expected that over the four months of being President, he would end the war, would free the occuppied territories, and carry out all indispensable reforms.

Due to the election of voters, for whichever time, a fragmentation and change of the center of government happened – in a Parliamentary republic, which Ukraine is, the center of decision-making becomes the position of prime-minister, who, according to the results of the election, will be Arseniy Yatseniuk.

In spite of the coalition agreement which will be made by the President and the future Prime-Minister, there is a repeat performance of the split of the government of the year 2005 and the mutual fighting, when the President was deprived of realistic influence on the political processes, which, in fact, led to the return of Yanukovych, the seizure of Crimea, and the occuppation of Donbas. The cause of today’s war lies exactly there – in the distant year of 2005.

Putin received in Ukraine’s Parliament the leverage of political influence which is not only held by the Oppositional Block of the former regionals, but also their hidden and situational co-travellers from the Party of Liashko and the Party “Batkivshchyna”.

Such political projects as the Communist Party, the Party “Public Platform”, and the Party “Strong Ukraine” have reached the end of their existence.

The fate of the Party “Public Platform” testifies to the fact that in Ukrainian politics, speaking truthfully to people, makes no sense.

Success of the Party “Samopomich” and Liashko Party testify to the growing role of populism in political life.

The success of the Oppositional Block demonstrates what a large number of people not only do not understand why should there be Ukraine, but also after drinking rivers of innocent blood, fiercely hate Ukraine.

The election results, unfortunately, have demostrated the irresponsible – if not criminal, infantalism of Ukrainain society, which – even in circumstances of war – could not consolidate itself around one center and thereby introduced new splits into such an unconsolidated ruling class.

Taking the above into account, one can expect that future commotions await Ukraine.

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