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This is Ukraine today – March 22: Russia tries to pressure all countries that want to participate in a common missile defense system project

March 22 – The West needs a new transatlantic strategy in response to the challenges posed by Russia, – said the President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski, speaking at a forum in Brussels (reports PAP). “The West remained delusional for too long, believing that Russia will choose modernization because it is in its interest to do so”, – said Komorowski. “We need a strategy that would unite the West in view of new challenges, in order to adhere to core values and interests of Euro-Atlantic community; a strategy, which would unite the efforts put in by the key institutions, both in the EU and NATO”, – emphasized Komorowski.

March 22 – Viktor Yanukovych Jr., younger son of former President of Ukraine, has died in Russia. A Volkswagen he was driving with 5 passengers on board fell through the ice on Lake Baikal.

March 22 – Russia tries to pressure all countries that want to participate in a common missile defense system project, said Philip Breedlove, Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO Allied Command Operations (reports Reuters) when commenting on a statement made previously by the Ambassador of Russia in Denmark Mikhail Vanin about Denmark being a target of a possible Russian nuclear attack if it joins NATO missile defense system. “Romania has come under a lot of pressure when it became a part of the shield. Poland is under great pressure, and now everyone who still wants to join this defense project will be under diplomatic and political pressure”, – said Breedlove.

March 22 – In St. Petersburg (Russia) a Russian International Conservative Forum was held with the participation of ultra-right parties of the whole Europe. The organizer was the Russian Conservative Party “Rodyna”. Its leader is a member of the fraction of the pro-Putin Party of United Russia in the State Duma of the Russian Federation. As the site of the organization informs, the main goal of the Forum is the creation of a plan of action and a general coordinating committee of all nationalist forces in Russia and Ukraine.

Near the hotel where the Forum was held, there was a protest meeting against this gathering of neo-fascists; people banged their drums and called out anti-fascist slogans. However, the Russian police apprehended eight demonstrators who were demonstrating against the holding of the Forum, and not against the neo-fascists.

In Petersburg there are also the so-called “individual” protests against the holding of this Forum.

An “individual” picket is when one person by her/his self has a poster with a protest – in Russia this is the only form of protest which does not require previous governmental approval.

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