This is Ukraine today – June 22

Maidan Community Sector, Lviv: Dear friends!

By annexing Crimea, Russia has carried out an act of aggression against Ukraine. Currently Russia is transferring terrorist and sabotage groups to Eastern Ukraine. Russia aims to prevent legitimate presidential elections from happening. Everyday life in Eastern Ukraine has turned into a continuous nightmare in the middle of Europe. Our country is being destroyed right before our eyes. We therefore take the courage to inform you about current events in Ukraine. This is just another point of view. We will do our best to remain objective.

June 22 – The attacks of terrorist groups on the positions of security forces have been continuously occurring in the area of anti-terrorist operation – it is a demonstrative disregard for unilateral ceasefire by the Ukrainian army. Terrorists in Eastern Ukraine refused to abide by the peace plan, which was proposed by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. This is supported by a Facebook statement made by a Russian terrorist, the officer of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian Army and the leader of the terrorists in Slaviansk Igor Strielkov.

June 22 – In Artemivsk (Donetsk region), the members of illegal armed groups fired at a military unit A2730 from the balconies of nearby apartment buildings. An airfield in Kramatorsk was fired at several times during the night. Three fire attacks on anti-terrorist block-posts were carried out near Sloviansk, Chervonopartyzansk (Luhansk oblast), Yampil and Zakotne (Donetsk oblast).

June 22 – Russian Federation has informed partner countries in the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe about an extraordinary comprehensive inspection of its troops within the Central Military District as well as the Airborne Troops and Military Aviation.

June 22 – 5 tanks, armored personnel carriers, heavy duty trucks, accompanied by 140 people were spotted in Donets oblast. Some of these people (citizens of Russian Federation) and vehicles arrived in Donetsk region from Crimea.

June 22 – On Sunday, the insurgents attacked the duty detail of the Border Service Division “Bilovodsk” near the village of Nozdrivka (Luhansk oblast). The fight lasted through the whole day.

June 22 – State border guards of Ukraine have demonstrated antipersonnel mines (GM-533), which are systematically being used against them and the soldiers of the Armed Forces by the terrorists. These mines are only in service in the Russian Army

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