This is Ukraine today – June 19

Maidan Community Sector, Lviv: Dear friends!

By annexing Crimea, Russia has carried out an act of aggression against Ukraine. Currently Russia is transferring terrorist and sabotage groups to Eastern Ukraine. Russia aims to prevent legitimate presidential elections from happening. Everyday life in Eastern Ukraine has turned into a continuous nightmare in the middle of Europe. Our country is being destroyed right before our eyes. We therefore take the courage to inform you about current events in Ukraine. This is just another point of view. We will do our best to remain objective.

June 19 – Anti-terrorist agencies are fighting terrorists near Krasny Lyman in Donetsk oblast. These terrorists decided to ignore ceasefire demands and are not adhering to truce provisions.

June 19 – U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, in a telephone conversation with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has said that Russia continues to send weapons and military personnel to Ukraine.NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has confirmed continuous accumulation of Russian military at Ukrainian border.

June 19 – Supreme Council of Ukraine has passed a law, which will allow for modernization of the Ukrainian gas transportation system and may stop the construction of the “South Stream” by Russia under the Black Sea. Within the framework of the law Ukrainian gas transportation system and gas storage facilities remain state-owned. The controlling stake in the company is owned exclusively by the state of Ukraine. 49% of the shares of the company may be owned by the gas transportation companies from the EU countries that are members of the Energy Union and the US.

June 19 – Supreme Council of Ukraine has supported the proposal by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to appoint VitaliyYarema as the Prosecutor General,PavloKlimkin as the Foreign Minister and ValeriyaGontaryeva as the Head of the National Bank.ValeriyaGontaryevais the first woman leading the National Bank of Ukraine.

June 19 – “Military personnel from the Russian Armed Forces continue to arrive in the Russian regions, bordering Ukraine.They are equipping firing points and camouflaging military vehicles”, informs State Border Service of Ukraine.

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