August 16: Russia Food Embargo

Maidan Community Sector, Lviv: Dear friends!

War, not the expected peace arrived at the doorstep of Great Britain and France when they gave up Czechoslovakia to Hitler in 1938. War is happening right here at home and not in faraway Europe – the United States were harshly reminded about this at Pearl Harbor in 1942. War descended on Ukraine and thus is now much closer to Paris and Berlin, because Europe and the US haven’t supported Georgia in 2008. War showed up in the homes of Dutch, British, French, German, Australian families because Europe and the US weren’t courageous enough to lend a helping hand to Ukraine in 2014. It is impossible to run away from war and overwhelming aggression, it is impossible to buy yourself off. The war will catch up with you if you don’t stand up to it with utmost determination.

August 16 – On Friday night anti-terrorist operation forces have entered the city of Luhansk.

August 16 – Most insurgents plan to leave Donetsk region before August 18th, – said the spokesman for National Security and Defense Council Andriy Lysenko. “The terrorists are changing into civilian clothes, carry nothing but passports and try to pass through Ukrainian checkpoints in private vehicles disguised as civilians/local residents. Approximately 300 insurgents remain in Luhansk and they have been taking down the flags of People’s Republic of Luhansk from administrative city buildings. Chechen mercenaries are fleeing Horlivka and Yenakiieve. Approximately 100 representatives of local criminal group, who remain in these cities, have been engaged in a chaotic shooting aiming at residential buildings and civilians”.

August 16 – Near the border with Ukraine on the Russian side, the journalists have spotted vehicles, carrying dozens of containers for self-propelled, surface-to-air missile systems “Buk”, – informs Reuters.

August 16 – Reinforcement units are being transferred to the strong points of the Armed Forces of Ukraine within anti-terrorist operation area, – informs the press-center of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

Russia Food Embargo

Ukraine: Preparations under way for large-scale aid delivery

A five-person ICRC team is already present in the vicinity of the Russian convoy, which is currently parked in the Rostov region, and 15 more staff are on the way. Another ICRC team has deployed to Starobilsk, where a Ukrainian aid convoy of around 50 trucks arrived this morning.

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