Russia is a direct counterattack in Donetsk and Luhansk

Maidan Community Sector, Lviv: Dear friends!

War, not the expected peace arrived at the doorstep of Great Britain and France when they gave up Czechoslovakia to Hitler in 1938. War is happening right here at home and not in faraway Europe – the United States were harshly reminded about this at Pearl Harbor in 1942. War descended on Ukraine and thus is now much closer to Paris and Berlin, because Europe and the US haven’t supported Georgia in 2008. War showed up in the homes of Dutch, British, French, German, Australian families because Europe and the US weren’t courageous enough to lend a helping hand to Ukraine in 2014. It is impossible to run away from war and overwhelming aggression, it is impossible to buy yourself off. The war will catch up with you if you don’t stand up to it with utmost determination.

August 28 – Russian army has openly entered the Ukraine. Two columns of heavy equipment have entered Ukrainian city of Novoazovsk as well a number of towns of Novoazovsk, Starobeshevo, Amvrosiivka rayons. These areas have now been invaded by the Russian army.

August 28 – Border guards of Kherson detachment have fought off the attack by a sabotage and intelligence group, which was on the offensive and moving from the territory of temporarily occupied Crimea to mainland Ukraine.

August 28 – Due to worsening situation in Donetsk oblast, President Petro Poroshenko cancelled his visit to Turkey and announced an emergency meeting of the National Security and Defense Council.

August 28 – At an OSCE meeting, Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the OSCE Andrei Kelin has stated that there are no Russian servicemen in Ukraine.

August 28 – Ukrainian Foreign Minister suggested that the next OSCE Permanent Council’s meeting should be held in Mariupol (at gunpoint of Russian tanks) and the NATO Summit – in Kyiv, – said the Minister Pavlo Klimkin.

August 28 – “Official Kyiv appreciates the consistent support of Ukraine by the EU greatly, but is deeply disappointed by the position of Brussels regarding the latest developments. Specifically – the absence of any statements on this matter. We’ve made some open statements, but the diplomatic communication channels reveal a much tougher tone. Official diplomatic communications demonstrate that the EU does not recognize the fact of invasion by the Russian army, despite compelling evidence. We do not quite understand EU’s position within the current situation. Undisguised Russian aggression against Ukraine with the assistance of its regular army is evident and the EU has been notified about this. The fact that the EU is silent and hasn’t recognizes the aggression, is shocking. European Union must make some decisions” – stated the source in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Kyiv hopes that before the EU summit (to be held on 30 August), the EU force will recognize the obvious.

August 28 – The Wes must respond to the open aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine with reducing energy costs and eliminating the Russian ruble from the international financial accounts, said Richard Czarnecki, the Vice-President of the European Parliament.

August 28 – At the request of Lithuania, the UN Security Council will convene at an emergency meeting on Thursday to discuss events in Ukraine.

By Mikheil Saakashvili

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