World leaders discussed possible security guarantees for Ukraine

Leaders from the United States, Italy, France, Germany, Britain, Canada, Japan, Poland, Romania, and EU and NATO leaders discussed security guarantees for Ukraine after the war with Russia during a 90-minute video call on Tuesday.

Source: Adviser to the French President

The allies had discussed how to provide security guarantees to Ukraine after the war if it’s not part of NATO and its automatic defense mechanism known as article 5.

“Our country is ready to provide security guarantees. It would be military supplies so that it can deal with a new attack or, possibly, guarantees that would see us get involved if Ukraine is attacked in a way where we could assess how to assist it,”  the French official said.

“These guarantees would look more like the defense clause the European Union currently has among its members, rather than a defense mechanism similar to NATO’s Article 5, which triggers automatic military support if a member is attacked.”

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