Ukraine’s Representative to the UN responded to false statements by the Russian side

Ukrainian Representative to the UN responded to Russia’s false statements.

Source: Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nation at the Security Counci Sergiy Kyslytsya

“I would like to make my further statement in response to the hypocritical questions by Putin’s representative. After the video we saw with the shocking images from Bucha, Irpin, Motyzhyn and other sites, he should ask these very questions to himself:
– How have Russians got to the cruelty of Nazis?
-When did you start enjoying acting like Nazis? Killing civilians, attempting to redraw internationally recognized borders, setting the task to “finally resolve the Ukrainian issue” like Hitler attempted to “resolve the Jewish issue”?
– When did you miss the point of Russian’s turning into a Nazi-style cancerous tumor. Unable and unwilling to stop expanding and bringing to neighboring nations suffering, destruction, pain and death?”
“I am appalled at your cynical and outright lie that you don’t hit civilian targets and that’s why you are moving so slowly. You hit civilian targets and you kill civilians. Shall I quote your own words from yesterday in the press-conference that you gave here, in the Headquarters? Where did you say that civilians were killed by your Army. Shall I play the video? Or shall I not? You said this is war, civilians are killed in the war. It’s warfare, you said.”
“Or, perhaps, in your mindset a children’s hospital in Mykolayiv, destroyed by the Russian strike yesterday, was a military target? Or, perhaps, the child killed as a result of the strike was a Ukrainian nationalist?”
“The only truth you’ve told is that you are not moving as you planned. And the only reason is the resistance of the Ukrainian Army and the Ukrainian people, not your smart military planning”.
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