Ukraine will be provided with temporary grain storage equipment

Special equipment for the temporary storage of grain crops will be delivered to Ukraine.

Source: Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Taras Vysotskyi

“We have received confirmation from international partners about the additional supply of large sacks designed to hold 200,000 tonnes each, as well as loading and unloading equipment. The new equipment will also allow storage of approximately 10-15 million tons of grain. In August, we are planning to launch the distribution procedure,” Vysotskyi said.

According to Vysotskyi, this equipment will be enough to preserve this year’s harvest at the current export rate. The new crop can be stored in these bags for 12-17 months.

In addition, Ukraine’s agriculture ministry is working on having in reserve machines to load and unload grain in silo bags as the backup plan for grain storage if it is impossible to export agricultural products quickly.

It is known that Ukraine expects to harvest about 52 million tonnes of grain crops and 13-15 million tonnes of oilseed crops in 2022.

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