Ukraine seized assets of the Russian Federation and Belarus companies worth almost UAH 40 billion

According to the materials of the Department of Strategic Investigations and its structural subdivisions, Ukrainian courts have seized the assets of Russian and Belarusian companies worth tens of billions of hryvnias since the beginning of the war.

Source: The press service of the Department of Strategic Investigations of the National Police of Ukraine

It is noted that the assets will work for the economy and reconstruction of Ukraine.

“Since the beginning of the war in the field of economy, the department has sent indictments against 270 people in 67 criminal proceedings related to pro-Russian business. A total of 407 suspicions have been announced in 216 criminal proceedings and more than a thousand searches have been conducted.”

Law enforcement officers, in particular, seized vehicles worth UAH 1.3 billion, which currently serve the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Drilling rigs, an airline, bank securities, aircraft engines, wagons and thousands of tons of fuel – and this is not a complete list of assets seized by the court, according to the Department’s materials, on the territory of Ukraine, the ultimate beneficiaries of which are citizens of the aggressor country. The total amount of the seized amounts to almost 39 UAH 5 billion,” the Department of Strategic Investigations concluded.

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