The EU has frozen the assets of the Russian Federation in the amount of 13.8 billion euros

The European Union has frozen Russian assets worth €13,8 billion. A large part of them, namely 12 billion dollars, came from five EU member states.

Source: EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders

“For the moment, we have frozen – coming from oligarchs and other entities – 13.8 billion euros ($13.8 billion), so it’s quite huge,” Reynders told reporters in Prague.

“But I must say that a very large part of it is more than $12 billion coming from five member states,” he added.

He declined to name the five countries but added that he expected other countries in the 27-member bloc to step up their efforts soon. In mid-June, German Finance Minister Christian Lindner estimated the value of assets frozen by Germany alone at $4.48 billion.

In late June, the international sanctions group said its members, including several EU countries, had frozen $30 billion in assets of Russian oligarchs and officials.

Andriy Yermak, head of the Office of the President of Ukraine also confirmed the blocking of assets.

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