Ukraine received generators from Australia worth €1.95 million

The European Commission noted on April 13, 2023, that one of the Australian funds delivered 169 generators to Ukraine as part of the rescEU emergency aid mechanism.

Source: The European Commission

“A delivery of emergency energy support coordinated via the EU’s private donation scheme has arrived in Ukraine. 169 generators donated by the Minderoo Foundation in Australia have been transported to Ukraine via the rescEU energy hub in Poland. Worth €1.95 million, these generators come in addition to the 1,000 generators deployed from the rescEU reserve to Ukraine, as announced at the opening of the hub earlier this year,” informed the European Commission.

According to the European Commission, in total, about 3,000 electricity generators were delivered to Ukraine under the coordination of the EU at the expense of subsidies from member states, the private sector, third countries and rescEU’s own reserves.

“In parallel, the EU has awarded €114.9 million to Poland for purchasing generators part of this rescEU energy reserve, which is meant not only to support the Ukrainian energy sector, but also to address possible needs of other countries impacted by Russia’s war in Ukraine,” added the European Commission.

The supplied generators vary in size and purpose, from providing electricity to power individual households, to lighting large administrative buildings such as hospitals, schools or district heating.

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