Ukraine proposes the EU completely block transport connections with Russia and Belarus

The Ministry of Infrastructure has appealed to the EU to completely block transport links with the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

Source: Mustafa Nayyem, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine

As noted, Russian business is finding workarounds and continues to operate in other countries despite the already imposed restrictive measures. Accordingly, the existing sanctions do not fully achieve their goal.

According to Nayem, the Ministry of Infrastructure suggests to the European Union:

  • completely block land and sea transport connections with Russia and Belarus;
  • block the possibility of transporting goods to Russia and Belarus through the territory of the European Union and across its borders, as well as people moving;
  • prohibit the provision of customs services for goods delivered to the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

“In particular, these measures are necessary to stop the supply of dual-use goods to the aggressor country that can be used for military purposes. The appeal was signed last night and officially sent to the European Commission,” the statement said.

Earlier, representatives of the Ministry called on the EU to close all ports to Russian and related companies, as well as to close access to the road network for Russian and Belarusian carriers.

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