Ukraine lost 25% of sown areas due to the war, – Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine

The sowing wedge in Ukraine has decreased by 25% this year due to the war, but this in no way threatens Ukraine’s food security.

Source: Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Taras Vysotskyy

“The current structure of sown areas, which has developed due to the temporary loss of territories, does not threaten Ukraine’s food security. Despite the loss of 25% of sown areas, the structure of crops this year is generally more than sufficient to facilitate the consumption, which, in turn, also decreased due to mass displacement and external migration.”

According to him, the main difference in crops this year, apart from an extreme way of its performance in the course of the state of battles, consists of changes in agricultural priorities among the agricultural producers and a partial reduction of crop production for export. As a result, Ukraine may partially lose its export potential.

“Even before the war started, the Ukrainian farmers had a relatively good preparation for sowing. In February, Ukraine had already imported about 70% of the required mineral fertilizers, 60% of plant protection products, and about a third of the necessary amount of fuel.”

But the actions of the aggressor disrupted the stable work of the agricultural sector, and Ukrainian farmers were forced to make adjustments to their decisions about what and how to sow the fields.

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