Ukraine knows how to win a war with Russia, and will achieve it, – Ukraine’s Foreign Minister

The head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry stressed on September 22, 2022, that the Ukrainians’ struggle would not be affected by pseudo-referendums and the announcement by Russian President Vladimir Putin that the occupied Ukrainian territories are part of Russia.

Source: Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba

In particular, Dmytro Kuleba was asked what significance the victories of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the battles against the Russian army, including the victory in the battle for Kyiv and the counteroffensive in the Kharkiv region, have for the morale of Ukrainians.

“This proves not only to us, but also to the whole world that we know how to win, and we will win.”

According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the struggle of Ukrainians will not be affected by the pseudo-referendums and the declaration by the President of the Russian Federation of the occupied Ukrainian territories as part of Russia.

“He can organize fictitious referenda. He can declare them [occupied Ukrainian territories – ed.] part of the Moon. If it wasn’t there, this is our land, these are our people. We are recapturing every square meter of our territory and we will free people.”

Dmytro Kuleba is convinced that Ukrainian citizens are waiting for the liberation of the occupied territories.

“And if you can imagine what these people are feeling, it will make you work much harder. Whether you are a diplomat or a soldier, you really want to release these people as soon as possible, so that Putin doesn’t think about it, or whatever decisions he makes.”

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