The West will not force Ukrainians to give their land to Putin, – Polish President

Western politicians are wrong to think that they can persuade Ukrainians to make concessions to Putin and give him part of the territory of Ukraine.

Source: Polish President Andrzej Duda

“There is little hope, in my view, for a peace that will rely on Western Europe forcing the Ukrainians to give up their land to Putin and agree to his terms. The Ukrainians will simply not agree to that.”

“They will not agree to this, because rivers of blood have been shed and the Russians are destroying their country. The very thirst for revenge and the need to win back is so strong that I do not believe that Ukrainians will agree to a peace agreement, according to which Russians will take away the next square kilometers of Ukrainian land.”

He added that Ukrainians would not agree to this for political reasons, too. Duda explained that, if a politician is found who would agree to this, his political career in Ukraine would be over immediately.

“Therefore, if one of the Western politicians thinks that he will force Ukrainians to give in to Putin today, as Berlusconi (ex-Prime Minister of Italy – ed.) recently said, he is deeply mistaken.”

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