The Russian invasion of Ukraine caused hunger for 40 million people in Africa, – US Ambassador to the UN

The United States Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield on August 5 said that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine resulted in 40 million people becoming food insecure. Sub-Saharan Africa will be the most affected.

Source: US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield 

According to her, while energy, climate change, pandemics and conflicts are the main causes of global food supply problems, the “most insidious source” is hunger, deliberately used as a weapon of war.

“Russia has systematically captured some of Ukraine’s most productive farmland, spoiling fields with mines and bombs,” Thomas-Greenfield said.

Moscow denies involvement in the food crisis and blames Western sanctions for slowing food and fertilizer exports.

Thomas-Greenfield on August 5 denied that claim, saying instead that Russia had deliberately taken steps to disrupt global food supply chains, blaming the West.

“We’ve seen no indication that Russia will accept a diplomatic solution” to the war in Ukraine.”

It is noted that the United States has secured $4.5 billion for food security at the G7 summit, of which it has contributed $2.76 billion.

“There are also plans for the US to contribute $150 million in new humanitarian development assistance to Africa pending congressional approval.”

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