Russia’s disinformation cannot hide its responsibility for the global food crisis, – US Department of State

The United States has condemned the Kremlin’s widespread disinformation that the United States, the West and Ukraine are to blame for the growing famine in Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere, and stressed that Russia’s lies could not shift its direct blame to others.

Source: US Department of State

“Russia’s government officials, Russian state-funded media, and Kremlin-aligned proxy disinformation actors are attempting to deflect attention from Russia’s responsibility for worsening global food insecurity by blaming sanctions, “the West,” and Ukraine.”

It is noted that Kremlin and its proxies’ massive disinformation campaign is heavily targeting the crisis’s most heavily impacted regions – the Middle East and Africa. These false narratives are amplified by Kremlin-controlled state outlets such as RT Arabic and RT en Francais, as well as the People’s Republic of China (PRC) state media.

“The Russian government continues spreading disinformation about its unjustified war’s disastrous consequences, including global food insecurity. The Russian government should stop weaponizing food and allow Ukraine to safely ship out its grain so that millions of hungry people in the Middle East and Africa can be fed.”

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