The European Union will not allow Ukraine to run out of weapons in the war with Russia

The European Union will not allow Ukraine to run out of weapons and military equipment in the war with Russia.

Source: EU High Representative Josep Borrell

The EU High Representative said that the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov today spoke via video link about the situation in Ukraine and the needs of the Ukrainian army.

“The war has reached a critical stage and they can’t let Ukraine’s military equipment and weaponry run out. He claimed that the EU countries presently have adequate resources to continue sending weapons to Ukraine without interruption.”

“We will not allow Ukraine to run out of resources, because the battle for Donbas has moved to a point where Ukrainians are counterattacking and pushing back the Russians, and have some extraordinary success, as happened the other day with a column of Russian tanks,” Borrell said and noted that Ukrainians are showing incredible potential to resist and counterattack.

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