The Czech Republic will provide Ukraine with three modern Bivoj reconnaissance drones

The Czech company Jablotron plans to hand over three modern Bivoj reconnaissance drones to Ukraine.

Source: The Czech press

In general, the company will hand over the entire complex to the Armed Forces, which includes three drones, a control station, an antenna, and an installation to launch a drone.

“If we are talking about a radio signal, it can be sent at a distance of 50 to 60 kilometres. It is the radius that it can collect data from and return,” said company representatives.

It is emphasized that the main task of drones in Ukraine will be to provide data for Ukrainian artillery. At the same time, the UAV itself has a high-precision video surveillance camera and weighs about 25 kilograms.

In addition, they emphasize that the drone can be operated by only one operator because it has an autonomous mode and knows where to fly.

The designers also made a modification of such a drone, which can carry ammunition.

The Czech company noted that the Ukrainian military has already been trained to use these drones.

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