Ukraine received Mi-24 attack helicopters from the Czech Republic

The Czech government has provided Ukraine with a number of Soviet-designed Mi-24 attack helicopters.

According to The Military Balance for 2021, the Czech Republic had only 7 Mi-24D helicopters at its disposal. It is probable that the Czech government handed over to Ukraine all seven available helicopters of this type. The Czech Ministry of Defense in 2019 was going to sell all its Mi-24D.

The country also donated the majority of the 17,000 antitank weapons that NATO allies gave Ukraine during the first two weeks of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Czech Republic is ready to hand over to Ukraine more Soviet or Russian helicopters. The Czech Armed Forces also have 16 Mi-171SH helicopters, 10 Mi-35P helicopters, five Mi-17, and four Mi-8. But instead, Prague wants the United States to speed up the supply of its UH-1Y Venom and AH-1Z Viper helicopters.

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