Switzerland has frozen 7 billion euros worth of Russian assets

The Ministry of Economy of Switzerland noted on December 1, 2022, that it updated information on frozen Russian assets. The total amount of assets frozen in Switzerland due to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine reached 7.5 billion Swiss francs (7.2 billion euros).

Source: The Ministry of Economy of Switzerland

“As of 25 November, CHF 7.5 billion in financial assets and 15 properties held by sanctioned natural persons, companies and entities are frozen in Switzerland, noted the Ministry of Economy of Switzerland.”

This amount is given without taking into account the value of 15 frozen real estate objects of under-sanctioned legal entities and individuals.

“Moreover, the amount of frozen assets is a snapshot, and the value can fluctuate: the frozen amounts can increase if, for example, new persons are added to the list or if new assets are identified; and they can fall if assets that were frozen as a precautionary measure have to be released again once clarifications have been completed,” explained the Ministry of Economy of Switzerland.

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