Swedish Parliament approved the transfer of tanks and Archer artillery systems to Ukraine

The Swedish Parliament (Riksdag) supported the government’s proposal to transfer a new package of military aid to Ukraine on March 23, 2023. It will include Archer self-propelled guns and tanks.

Source: The Swedish Parliament (Riksdag)

According to the decision, the Swedish government can transfer to Ukraine military equipment and ammunition worth a total of 6.2 billion kroner (554 million euros).

“These are tanks, artillery pieces of the Archer type and robot system 97, as well as ammunition. In addition, the government may decide on the sale of 14 artillery pieces of the Archer type to Great Britain, as the country has previously donated such artillery pieces to Ukraine,” reported the Swedish Parliament (Riksdag)

To finance this proposal, the allocation to the Swedish Armed Forces will be increased by 730 million Swedish kroner during 2023, and for the period up to 2028, spending should be increased by 6.1 billion kroner.

“The government justifies this by saying that it is in Sweden’s interest to offer defense equipment to Ukraine,” added the Swedish Parliament.

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