“Stop sponsor the war in Ukraine!”: Ukrainians called on Raiffeisen shareholders to leave Russia at rally in Vienna

Ukrainians living in Vienna held a picket near the Hilton Hotel, where the annual general meeting of the Raiffeisen Bank International took place on Thursday, demanding to leave the Russian market.

Source: Ukrainian community activist Andriy Karioti

Despite the rainy weather, dozens of Ukrainians with national symbols surrounded all entrances to the Hilton hotel complex, located next to the RBI building, and handed out leaflets urging all newcomers to stop working in Russia and not co-finance bloodshed in Ukraine.

“We gathered today at a time when Raiffeisen Bank International’s shareholders are holding an annual general meeting. We handed out a lot of leaflets to the shareholders who entered the premises. We saw that about half of the shareholders were happy to receive them. If we manage to reach out to at least a third of shareholders who raise the issue of leaving Russia,  then it can finally move from reflection and discussion to concrete action, “said the organizer of the action, activist of the Ukrainian community Andriy Karioti.


“Raiffeisen Bank International’s words about considering leaving the Russian market are not enough. At a time when Ukrainian military and civilians are dying from Russian shelling, RBI is financing Putin’s military machine. Today, shareholders must show whether they want to continue financing Russian missiles or distance themselves from these humiliating actions,” the activist said.

The action was peaceful, the Austrian police monitored the public order.

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