Actions against the position of the Hungarian government on the war in Ukraine took place in Poland and Britain

Activists brought people’s shoes to the Hungarian embassy in Poland, protesting against the position of the Hungarian government, which blocks the imposition of additional sanctions against Russia and does not agree to provide military assistance to Ukraine.

Source: former mayor of Warsaw Martin Swieciecki

Swieciecki explained that activists had gathered in front of the Hungarian embassy in Warsaw to leave their shoes to remind what was left of the massacre of Hungarian Jews in Budapest on the Danube at the end of World War II.

“The protesters reminded the Prime Minister of Hungary Victor Orban that in 1956 the Hungarian insurgents also wanted sovereignty, democracy, and freedom in Hungary. Instead, the Kremlin, as in Ukraine today, sent tanks to Hungary, killed several thousand insurgents, and 200,000 Hungarians fled abroad. After the suppression of the uprising, tens of thousands of Hungarian patriots were arrested and more than 200, including former Hungarian Prime Minister Imre Nod, were shot dead”.

“Today, Orban betrayed the values that the Hungarian insurgents fought for and that Ukrainians are fighting for today. He sided with the war criminal. History will not forgive him,” said the former mayor of Warsaw.

Similar actions took place, in particular, at the Hungarian Consulate in Gdansk and the Hungarian Embassy in London.

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