Russians “have no idea what they are fighting for,” – EU Commission President

Russia has begun to slow down in its attempts to seize the territories of Ukraine and is facing new problems.

Source: EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen

“Military experts tell us that the movements of Russia are much slower, less than expected. So Russia is running into more and more trouble. I would not at all bet on Russia. On the contrary, Ukrainians know what they are fighting for. They are motivated. And the Russians have no clue what they are fighting for because they do not even see any sense in this war.”

According to her, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin never expected such strong support for Ukraine from Western countries. Ukraine’s allies continue to be united in their position on the war.

“We have unleashed six packages of heavy sanctions against Russia in record time. And indeed, it is not easy for our member states because they have to pay a certain price. There is unity in all the actions we have taken. Putin never expected the determination, the resolve and the unity of the European Union.”

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