We stay united – this is our message to Putin, – German Chancellor about the meeting with US President

German Chancellor Olaz Scholz, chairman of the three-day talks of the G7 summit, told US President Biden that Russian President Vladimir Putin had not expected western powers to unite in their response to the war.

Source: German Chancellor Olaz Scholz

“We stay united, we stay together. This is our clear message to President Putin. Good to have you here at the G7 Summit, Joe Biden,” he said.

Germany said the summit should result in increased pressure on Russia and a show of solidarity with Ukraine.

It is noted that the heads of the G7 countries are concerned about the impending economic crisis amid inflation and declining economic growth.

“All members of the G7 are concerned about the crisis we are facing – falling economic growth in some countries, rising inflation, shortages of raw materials, supply disruptions – these are significant problems,” Olaf Scholz said.

Leaders had focused on support for Ukraine and the food and energy crises resulting from the war.

The leaders also discussed challenges posed by China and Washington’s push for global infrastructure investment to fend off similar overtures by Beijing.

Mr Biden said Mr Scholz had done “an incredible job” in managing the recriminations and called the German government “one of our fastest and closest allies in the world”.

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