Russia kills civilians it now claims are its own citizens, – UK Intelligence

British Intelligence analyzed Russia’s attack on a convoy of civilian cars leaving Zaporizhzhia in Ukraine’s south on September 30, 2022

Source: British Ministry of Defence 

“On 30 September 2022, Russian forces almost certainly struck convoy south-east of the town of Zaporizhzhia. Local authorities report 25 civilians killed [the death toll rose to 30 on Friday evening – ed.]. The munition involved was likely a Russian long-range air defence missile being used in a ground attack role.”

According to British Intelligence, the use of a missile from an air defence system to strike a ground target was almost certainly caused by a general lack of ammunition, especially long-range precision missiles.

“Russia’s stock of such missiles is highly likely limited and is a high-value resource designed to shoot down modern aircraft and incoming missiles, rather than for use against ground targets.”

It should be noted that Russian President signed agreements on the annexation of Zaporizhzhia and other parts of occupied Ukraine on the same day.

“Russia is expending strategically valuable military assets in attempts to achieve tactical advantage and in the process is killing civilians, it now claims are its own citizens.”

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