Russia is deporting Ukrainian citizens from southern regions of Ukraine, – Foreign Ministry

In its statement on November 3, 2022, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine strongly condemns the Russian Federation for the deportation of Ukrainian citizens from the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions of Ukraine.

Source: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

“In particular, the Russian occupation administration began mass forced relocation of residents of the left-bank Kherson region, primarily Skadovsk and Kakhovka districts, to the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea or the Russian Federation. Similar deportations are also being carried out by Russia in the Zaporizhzhia, Luhansk and Donetsk regions, as well as in Crimea,” noted the Ukrainian Foreign Minister.

In addition to the deportation of the residents of the temporarily occupied southern regions of Ukraine, Russian troops also loot industrial, infrastructural, cultural, educational and medical institutions, as well as private houses and apartments.

“Such actions by Russia grossly violate international law. According to Article 49 of the 1949 Geneva Convention for the Protection of Civilian Population in Time of War, an occupying Power is prohibited from carrying out forced individual or mass resettlement or deportation of protected persons,” emphasized the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine emphasizes that war crimes and crimes against humanity do not have a statute of limitations. All persons in the Russian Federation who are currently committing crimes against the Ukrainian people will certainly be punished.

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