Russia is again accumulating troops and equipment near the northern border of Ukraine

The Russian occupiers are again accumulating troops and enemy equipment on the borders of the Chernihiv and Sumy regions (the north of Ukraine).

Source: Deputy Chief of the Border Guard Service of the Chernihiv region Alexander Vadovskyy

It is noted that border guards in the Chernihiv region observe that Russia is again transferring troops and military equipment to the region.

 “Between two and eight shells land in the Chernihiv region every day. In any case, we are preparing for a possible reinvasion. They are attacking our positions and towns. [The Russians] have no concept of the rules of war.”

The same dynamic is observed in the neighboring Sumy region, which the Russians vacated around the same time as Chernihiv.

In Kharkiv, where Ukrainian defenders pushed the occupiers to the state border, they expect that defense training could turn into mass fighting.

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