Russia has put an end to the entire struggle for nuclear disarmament in the world, – President of Ukraine

The state border of Ukraine is an actual line of confrontation.

Source: The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy

“And we should all recall the Budapest Memorandum, the violation of which by Russia adds maximum cynicism to this case. With this violation, Russia has put an end to the entire struggle for nuclear disarmament in the world.”

“What is the point of talking about nuclear disarmament now that Ukraine, whose third-largest nuclear arsenal has been taken away, has been attacked by a state that was among those who signed a pledge to refrain from aggression and still remains a nuclear state?

Answering a question about where the line of confrontation between freedom and oppression runs, the President said that it lies between the ability to simply say something and the willingness to act to reinforce certain words – promises to voters, words in negotiations and texts of conventions.

“On the Ukrainian border, in the Ukrainian Donbas, near Kharkiv, in the south of Ukraine, we can now see that the Ukrainian people are ready to back up their words about independence with appropriate actions in defense of independence. But where is the frontier where it will be seen that Europe is also ready to back up all the words important for it with appropriate action?”

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