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Russia to deploy Buk missiles and more S-400 aircraft missile systems in occupied Crimea

The Russian Navy will deploy Buk anti-aircraft missile systems in occupied Crimea, allegedly with the aim to protect ships and submarines of the Black Sea Fleet from attacks by aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, and cruise missiles, Russian newspaper Izvestia reported.

According to experts, Buk naval systems together with S-300 and S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems of Russia`s aerospace forces will completely ”shield” the skies over the peninsula and the Black Sea ”if necessary.”

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The new systems will go into service of a Sevastopol-based 1,096th anti-aircraft missile regimen. At the first stage, the regiment will receive Buk-M2 systems, to be followed by the more advanced Buk-M3 systems. However, the exact date of the rearmament remains unclear. The regiment is now armed with Osa anti-aircraft missile systems.

Buk-M2 is able to engage warplanes and drones at a distance from 3km to 45 km, as well as cruise and ballistic missiles – at a 20 km distance. At the same time, the missile can even hit high-altitude strategic reconnaissance aircraft flying in the stratosphere, being able to strike targets at an altitude of 25,000 meters. At the same time, Osa systems hit targets at a distance under 10 kilometers and at an altitude of just over 5,000 meters.

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