Russia attacked the capital of Ukraine with drones, 3 civilians were killed: photos

The Kyiv City Military Administration informed on March 22, 2023, that as a result of Russian night attack by drones, a civilian object was damaged, three people were killed and seven were injured in the Kyiv region.

Source: The Kyiv City Military Administration, Andrii Nebytov, the Chief of the Kyiv Regional Police

“So far, there is information about 3 killed and 7 injured. Units of the State Emergency Service, the National Police and relevant emergency services are working on the spot. The victims are provided with the necessary assistance. As of 05:50 a.m., the fire was put out. Rescuers are working on the spot,” reported the Kyiv City Military Administration.

Andrii Nebytov, the Chief of the Kyiv Regional Police added that more than 20 were taken to the hospital after Russian drones hit a dormitory building. The police evacuated more than 200 people.

“One part of the dormitory building was almost completely destroyed. A fire started. More than 20 people were taken to the hospital. The fate of other 5 people is unknown. Employees of the State Emergency Service and the police are now helping to eliminate the consequences of the destruction,” said the Chief of the Kyiv Regional Police.

According to Andrii Nebytov, the ambulance driver who came to save citizens was among the killed.

UPD: 4 civilians were killed as a result of the Russian drone attack on the Kyiv region.

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