Robot Dog will help Ukraine with demining

The US military has approved the transfer of one of two robotic Spot dogs, developed by Boston Dynamics, to clear Ukrainian territory of mines and other munitions after they are liberated from Russian troops.

Source: Executive Director of the HALO Trust Demining Company Chris Whatley

“HALO Trust, a demining enterprise with multiple U. S. government contracts to work in Ukraine, will use “Spot,” a Boston Dynamics-made robot dog, to remove mortar shells and cluster munitions in formerly Russian-controlled areas near the capital of Kyiv.”

Spot can help carry ammunition to the pit, allowing mine sweepers to safely detonate batches of 50 to 100 shells away from civilians and without endangering any of the 10 HALO teams currently operating in Bucha and Brovary (suburbs of Kyiv).

It is noted that mine sweepers are increasingly using robots in the field to reduce the risk of human casualties cause by explosions.

“In general, Spot is an effective tool for protecting people from danger, and the robot is often used to inspect potentially dangerous materials from a safe distance,” said Nicholas Noel, director of marketing and communications.

The robot from Boston Dynamics has already worked in Ukraine. In October 2020, he measured radiation in the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone.

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