30 countries assist Ukraine with demining, – Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Assistance to Ukraine in demining is provided by 30 countries.

Source: Spokeswoman for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Alyona Matveeva

She noted that the scale of contamination of areas with explosives and the intensity of work require the involvement and constant renewal of resources. First of all, it is a question of providing units with fire and rescue equipment and equipment for dismantling debris, personal protective equipment for rescuers, etc.

“European countries are ready to further provide necessary assistance to us [in demining – Ed.]. One of the channels that has already been working effectively is the EU Civil Protection Mechanism that continues to receive assistance to Ukraine from 30 countries: 27 EU Member States, as well as Norway, Turkey and North Macedonia.”

Ukraine has received 40,000 tonnes of demining aid, namely about 400 rescue fire trucks, special equipment and clothing needed by Ukrainian rescuers to mitigate the effects of the Russian invasion over 100 days of the war.

In addition, Matveeva noted that 18 international organizations have expressed a desire to provide humanitarian assistance for demining, and demining projects involving foreign experts are under development.

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