Netherlands will provide Ukraine with heavy weapons, armoured vehicles, and self-propelled howitzers

The Netherlands announced package of assistance to Ukraine, which includes heavy weapons, armoured vehicles and self-propelled howitzers.

Source: The Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte

“Of course, Ukraine needs our military support. We must support Ukraine with a complex modern type of weapon. I call on all my colleagues in Europe and other parts of the world to help Ukraine with heavy weapons. We will provide heavy weapons, armoured vehicles and self-propelled howitzers from our country. I want to urge allies to do the same,” Rutte said.

He added that he could not assume the timing of the end of the war, but was confident that Ukraine would need economic support.

“We must help Ukraine economically so that the Ukrainian economy works further – as much as possible, under the current circumstances. We do not know how long this difficult war will last, but we know that Ukraine will continue to need our support when this is finally over,” the Dutch Prime Minister added.

He added that he calls on the international community to start discussing the restoration of Ukraine.

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