NATO cooperates with arms manufacturers to boost weapons supplies to Ukraine

NATO Secretary-General stated on August 4 in Norway that NATO member countries are working closely with defense manufacturers to supply more weapons and equipment to Ukraine and ensure its readiness for a long-term confrontation with Russia.

Source: NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg

“We are providing a lot of support, but we need to do even more and be prepared for the long haul. Therefore, we’re also now in close contact and working closely with the defence industry to produce more and to deliver more of different types of ammunition, weapons and capabilities,” he said.

In recent months, NATO countries and other allies have begun supplying Ukraine with more advanced weapons systems, including HIMARS artillery missile systems. According to Western representatives, these weapons have already changed the situation on the battlefield in Ukraine.

He also added that while NATO members are not directly involved in the war, NATO is closely involved in coordinating the Western response to the invasion.

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