The Ukrainians have shown the ability to strike back and take back territories, – NATO Secretary-General

NATO Secretary-General said on August 4 that in the sixth month of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Ukrainian forces have demonstrated the ability to retaliate and regain territories.

Source: NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg

“Stoltenberg noted that NATO has two tasks in the Russian-Ukrainian war: to support Ukraine and to prevent the conflict from escalating into a full-scale war between NATO and Russia.”

First, on support for Ukraine. We support Ukraine in its right to self-defence. A right enshrined in international law. The Ukrainian people have shown great courage throughout the war.

He added that at the NATO summit in Madrid over a month ago, all NATO countries agreed that they would support Ukraine as long as necessary.

“What we see now is a brutal and bloody war of attrition. The Russian advance has stalled again. And the Ukrainians have shown the ability to strike back and take back territory, and are planning a counter-offensive in the south.”

He emphasized that the countries of the Alliance are paying a price for supporting Ukraine. However, it can be measured in money, while the price Ukraine pays is measured in human lives.

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