More than 9,600 civilians were killed in Ukraine, including 461 children during the year of war

Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin noted on February 22, 2023, that during the year of the war in Ukraine, 9,655 civilians were killed, including 461 children, and law enforcement officers of Ukraine recorded 952 cases of the use of prohibited cluster mines, chemical and incendiary ammunition by Russian troops.

Source: Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin

“During this time [from February 24, 2022 – ed.], Russian troops committed more than 68,000 war crimes. 952 cases of the use of prohibited cluster mines, chemical, cluster and incendiary ammunition were registered,” informed Ukraine’s Prosecutor General.

According to the Prosecutor General, 9,655 civilians were killed during the year of the war, including 461 children. At least 16,000 children were forcibly taken to Russia and Belarus.

“We are aware that the real figure [of victims of Russian aggression – ed.] is much higher,” added Andriy Kostin.

Also, according to Ukraine’s Prosecutor General, more than 81,000 objects of civil infrastructure were destroyed during this time, including more than 62,000 residential buildings. This is the most common type of Russian crime.

“In the period from October 2022 to February 2023, 77% of the Russian missile strikes were on critical infrastructure objects. Obviously, this is a deliberate tactic of the Russian army,” explained Andriy Kostin.

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