Josep Borrell on the prospects of war: everything will be decided in the next 15 days

Josep Borrell believes that the course of the Russian invasion of Ukraine will be resolved in the next 15 days

Source:  the Head of EU diplomacy Josep Borrell

According to Borrel, the Russian government is not yet interested in ceasefire talks in Ukraine, as the Russian army has not achieved its military goals.

“Right now, Russia doesn’t want to agree on anything: it just wants to occupy the territory.  Russia’s goal is to encircle the coast of Ukraine to the border with Moldova and isolate Ukraine from the sea.  Russia will seriously negotiate only when she consolidates a strong position”.

The European Union and its allies will continue to provide military assistance to the Ukrainian army.

“This is important because everything will be resolved in the next 15 days. What will go down in history is the ability of Ukrainians to resist,” said the EU High Representative.

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