Japan will allocate $100 million to Ukraine in humanitarian aid and help with grain storage, – Japan Prime Minister

Japan will provide Ukraine with an additional 100 million dollars in humanitarian aid.

Source: Japan Prime Minister Fumio Kishida

The money will be used to purchase medical equipment and build temporary housing for internally displaced people.

Japan will also support Ukraine in expanding its grain storage capacity as the harvest season approaches, he said. It is assumed that temporary granaries will be deployed at the western borders of the country in neighbouring countries.

Kishida travelled to Madrid later on Tuesday, where he will become the first Japanese prime minister to take part in a NATO summit.

At the G7 summit, Kishida said Tokyo will “respond resolutely” to the Russian invasion without hesitation, despite Moscow’s declaration of a halt to its negotiations to conclude a World War II peace treaty with Japan.

A few days earlier, it was reported that Ukraine received an additional loan of about $500 million from Japan.

Earlier, Ukraine received a preferential loan of $100 million from Japan.

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