Group of Russian warships was pushed back 100km from the Ukrainian coast

Ukrainian defenders pushed back a ship group of the Russian Black Sea Fleet more than 100 kilometres from the Ukrainian coast.

Source: the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

It is noted that the intensity of strikes with Caliber cruise missiles has decreased, but Russian troops have begun hitting ground targets with anti-ship missiles, the main purpose of which is to destroy warships and ships.

“This indicates that Russia has used a significant amount of modern missile weapons, and is forced to use outdated types of missiles, the reserves of which are sufficient to strike at our territory,” – said the Defense Ministry.


“We have deprived the Russian Black Sea Fleet of full control over the northwestern part of the Black Sea, which has become a ‘gray zone’. At the same time, the enemy adopted our tactics and tries to regain control of the northwestern part of the Black Sea with the use of coastal missile systems and air-launched cruise missiles,” the Ukrainian Navy informs.

There are up to 12 large landing ships in the Black Sea, and more than a third of them are under repair. In addition, about 30 Russian ships and submarines continue to block shipping.

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