Ukraine will not give up any of its territories, – Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

The “red lines” for Ukraine are compromises on sovereignty and territorial integrity, and therefore Ukraine will not give away Russia Crimea or Donbas.

Source: Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ruslan Stefanchuk

“We do have red lines: we will not give up any of our territories – either Donbas or Crimea. They are only temporarily occupied. In addition, we will not compromise on sovereignty and independence. Ukraine will fight for victory,” Stefanchuk said in response to questions about the preconditions for Ukraine to agree to a ceasefire.

Stefanchuk noted that every war ended in capitulation, or a peace treaty and Ukraine wants to negotiate, but Russian war crimes in Ukraine are increasingly reducing such a deal.

“But after the Russian war crimes in Bucha or Irpin, the space for an agreement is narrowing. Donbas and Crimea are our territories. We will do everything possible to return them.”

According to the Chairman, if Ukraine loses the war, Russian troops will soon be in the EU.

“Europeans feel that global peace is not very stable. And that Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken only the first step. If Ukraine loses the war, Russian troops will be in Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia within a month.”

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