Great Britain will donate 20 ambulances to Ukraine

The National Health Service of Great Britain will hand overt 20 ambulances to the Government of Ukraine.

Source: British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss

“The donation of around 20 NHS ambulances will help bring vital lifesaving care to Ukrainians remaining in towns and cities under attack from Russian bombardments. This donation will help replace those Ukrainian ambulances lost to Russian attacks, bolstering the existing fleet’s resilience as the barbaric war goes on”.

The first ambulances will arrive in Lviv this week, from where they will be delivered to the areas most in need.

“We have sadly seen day after day the horrific impacts of Putin’s cruel war on the people of Ukraine, including evidence of appalling acts by Russian troops in towns such as Irpin and Bucha. The UK has been among the biggest aid donors, providing food, medicines and generators to help those affected. These world class NHS ambulances will now help bring lifesaving care directly to those injured in the conflict”.

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