European Parliament called on world to provide Ukraine with all necessary weapons to defeat Russia

Members of the European Parliament in a joint resolution on February 15, 2023, called on EU countries and the international community to provide Ukraine with comprehensive support and military assistance, including heavy equipment and combat aircraft, to achieve victory in the war waged by Russia.

Source: The European Parliament

“The European Parliament underlines that the main objective for Ukraine is to win the war against Russia, understood as its ability to drive all the forces of Russia, its proxies and allies out of the internationally recognized territory of Ukraine; considers that this objective can be met only through the continued, sustained and steadily increasing the supply of all types of weapons to Ukraine, without exception,” informed the text of the European Parliament’s resolution.

MEPs are in favor of providing Ukraine with as much military aid as is necessary, which should allow the country not only to defend itself against Russian attacks but also to restore full control over its internationally recognized territory.

“The European Parliament calls on the Member States, the US, the UK and Canada to swiftly deliver on their pledge to provide Ukraine with modern battle tanks; underlines the importance of maintaining close coordination and unity among Ukraine’s allies on the analysis of critical requests by the Ukrainian authorities for heavy weaponry and advanced air-defense systems; calls for serious consideration to be given to supplying Ukraine with Western fighter jets, helicopters and appropriate missile systems and to substantially increasing munitions deliveries,” emphasized the European Parliament.

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