European Commission officially presented the 10th package of sanctions against Russia

The President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen noted on February 15, 2023, that the European Commission presented the tenth package of sanctions against the Russian Federation, including sanctions against Iranian organizations.

Source: The President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen

“For almost one year now, Russia’s war of aggression has been sowing death and destruction. Putin is not only waging a brutal war on the battlefield but he is also viciously targeting civilians. The aggressor has to pay for this. Today, we are turning up the pressure with a 10th package of sanctions,” explained Ursula von der Leyen.

The new restrictive measures envisage the introduction of a ban on the export to Russia of critical technologies and industrial goods in the amount of more than 11 billion euros.

In order to achieve the maximum impact on the Russian economy, it is proposed to purposefully introduce restrictions on many types of industrial goods that Russia needs, and to make it impossible to obtain them through third countries.

“Vital goods such as electronics, specialized vehicles, machine parts, spare parts for trucks and jet engines. And we are targeting goods for the construction sector which can be directed to Russia’s military, such as antennas or cranes,” explained the President of the European Commission.

Secondly, the European Commission proposes to further restrict the export of dual-purpose goods and advanced technological goods.

“We propose controls on 47 new electronic components that can be used in Russian weapons systems, including drones, missiles, and helicopters. And on specific rare earth materials and thermal cameras. With this, we have banned all tech products found on the battlefield. And we will make sure they don’t find other ways to get there,” added Ursula von der Leyen.

At the same time, as the President of the European Commission said, the European Union will for the first time expand the sanctions list related to the ban on the transfer of dual-purpose goods to Russia at the expense of individuals from a third country, namely from Iran.

“Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have been providing Russia with Shahed drones to attack civilian infrastructure in Ukraine. Therefore, we are now adding seven Iranian entities to our dual-use regime. They are now under a complete ban to sell sensitive items to Russia,” reported Urusula von der Leyen.

In addition, the President of the EC noted that the Russian President is waging a war in public space with the help of an “army of propagandists” and disinformation networks.

“They are spreading toxic lies to polarize our societies. So we are proposing to list Putin’s propagandists as well as additional military and political commanders,” explained the European Commission’s President.

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